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"Ugly is Pretty!"

Uglydolls! Need we say more? Uglydolls are the brainchild of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. These creatures are adorably....ugly! Quite cuddly and in three sizes: regular 12", Little Ugly 6", and teeny 2" Ugly key chains. Uglydolls are searching for a home to make theirs. Each doll needs your loving care, so adopt an Uglydoll ASAP! We've seen these little critters halfway around the globe and we believe they are plotting world domination soon. Be on the look out.



David Horvath is the designer behind these figures and he's taken the plush creature world by storm! You can't go wrong with these!

Uglydoll T-shirts!
Little Uglies!
Ugly Doll Cinko by Pretty Ugly
Uglydoll T-shirts!
Women's and Men's
Little Uglies!


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